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We help hospitals manage their most complex patients.

Kreg Therapeutics is a specialty hospital bed provider focused on assisting clinicians with therapy and patient management solutions to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

  • Improve patient outcomes and reduce length of stay for complex ICU patients through increased mobilization
  • Increase staff safety by managing bariatric patients more efficiently while preventing staff injuries
  • Reduce administrative burden. Our high-touch service guarantees beds are delivered and removed on time
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  • 50% of top trauma centers trust Kreg to manage their most complex patients (2021-2022 best US hospitals)
  • +350,000 patients served throughout the US
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Our portfolio of high-quality specialty beds and therapeutic mattresses meet the needs of your most complex patients

E-Z Wider™ Bariatric Chair Bed

E-Z Wider™ Bariatric
Chair Bed

The E-Z Wider™ allows caregivers to perform their work faster, reduce their risk of injury, safely care for and transport bariatric patients, help advance patient recovery and reduce length of stay.

The only bariatric bed that offers full chair egress.

The Catalyst™ 
Critical Recovery Bed

The Catalyst™ 
Critical Recovery Bed

Enables Verticalization Therapy (VT), which allows clinicians to place complex ICU patients in an upright position frequently, safely, and efficiently.

The only bed in the world capable of verticalizing bariatric patients.

We Also Offer:

Kreg therapy mattress

Therapy Mattresses

We offer different mattresses for Stage III/IV PI or for comprehensive PI management.

Acute low care bed

Acute Care Low Bed

This med-surg bed features a 10” low deck height for increased safety from patient falls. Bed extends to 98”. 500lb weight capacity.

Ancillary products

Ancillary Products & Accessories

Enclosure bed, patient transfer device, bariatric commode, wheelchair, trapeze, and other complementary products.

Kreg Therapeutics is regarded as a trusted partner to help hospitals overcome top clinical challenges

  • Patient being helped by a nurse

    Improve Patient Outcomes

    Complex patients are spending more time in the hospital or ICU because they cannot be managed or mobilized adequately.

  • Nurses repositioning a patient on a bed

    Reduce Nurse Injuries

    Overexertion related to unnecessary patient handling, such as bariatric patient transferring and repositioning, is a major source of staff injury.

  • Profile photo of a nurse

    Increase Nurse Satisfaction

    When clinicians and administrators have to focus on rental management, patient care decreases, and so does staff satisfaction.

Why Verticalization Therapy Matters

Verticalization Therapy (VT) has shown to help improve complex ICU patient outcomes:

ICU patient in bed
Hospital equipment in ICU
Close up of patient receiving supportive treatment

Trusted by the nation’s leading critical care & trauma centers

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Kreg’s caring and skilled team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whenever you need us.

Our representatives work intimately with each patient and their care team inside the hospital to deliver not only your beds and therapies but provide guidance on how to use them.

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