Kreg Therapeutics wins $1M payout for breach of contract versus competitor

A panel from the Seventh Circuit Federal Court of Appeals ruled that VitalGo Inc. breached its contract with Kreg Therapeutics. VitalGo Inc. must pay $1 million after breaching its exclusivity contract over its Total Lift Bed™. This judgment affirmed the district court’s earlier decision.

Kreg Therapeutics founder and President Craig Poulos commented that he was “extremely pleased” with the decision that upheld a lower court’s “well-reasoned ruling and judgment”.

Further, Mr. Poulos said: “It is satisfying that the Appeals Court panel agreed with Kreg’s arguments on every one of the many issues that the appellant raised on appeal. With this legal victory, our company’s rights have been vindicated after a long fight to hold VitalGo accountable for its calculated breach of Kreg and VitalGo’s exclusive distribution agreement”.

Total Lift Bed is a trademark of VitalGo Inc.


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