• Pressure ulcers and bed safety are two of the highest-cost, highest-risk problems in today's health care institutions.
  • Now, one product can solve both problems. The Composure treatment mattress from Kreg Therapeutics.
  • Proven pressure ulcer treatment, designed to keep patients safer.
  • Each independant air cell minimizes surface tension, and conforms precisely to the body's smallest bony prominences, providing lower interface pressures and better wound healing outcomes.
  • FirmForm™ edge system surrounds mattress to prevent bed falls; patient will not "bottom out".



STAGE IV® is a Registered Trademark of Sentech Medical Systems, Inc.

  • Stage IV® alternating pressure technology combined with Kreg Lateral Support (LS) Mattress is proven wound healing technology indicated to treat the most severe pressure ulcers while reducing the risk of patient falls and entrapment.
  • The full depth rigid design of the mattress perimeter will not deform or compress under pressure. This will help maintain stable support at the critical safety area of the mattress, between the edge of the bed and the siderails.
  • The Stage IV® LS dramatically reduces the risk of patient falls and entrapment.


  • The P4000 features dynamic alternating pressure and rotational relief to address pressure ulcers.
  • Therapeutic results of alternating pressure are achieved by deflating the air cells, as much as possible, away from patient's skin.
  • Provides effective low air loss to assist with moisture control and help prevent skin maceration.
  • The P4000 effectively turns a patient from side to side to prevent complications associated with immobility, including pressure ulcers.


  • The original non-powered, adjustable, zoned, advanced pressure-relieving mattress overlay.
  • The soft, flexible, interconnected air cells that comprise Roho dry floatation products are adjustable to provide a customized fit to a client's sitting or lying shape. As an individual's body shape changes, the cushion adjusts to facilitate blood flow.


  • Quiet, portable, lightweight and very reliable, the SelectAir mattress and control unit provide a cost-effective alternative to other pressure management systems.
  • All SelectAir mattresses can be used on patients with any stage ischemic (pressure) ulcer, myocutaneous skin flaps, skin grafts and/or patients with temperature, moisture control, or pain management issues.
  • SelectAir controls moisture with wicking action:
  • Air gently blows underneath a vapor-permeable cover, wicking moisture away and keeping the skin at a healthy moisture level.


  • The StageIV® features dynamic alternating pressure relief to address pressure. Therapeutic results of alternating pressure are acheived by deflating the air cells, as much as possible, away from patient's skin.
  • Patented low air loss provides a light and diffused air flow directly to the patient's skin through thousands of microscopic holes in the top coverlet.
  • Air floatation mode provides an even level of static air to redistribute pressure and provide interface far below that of standard mattresses.
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