E-Z Wider Chair Bed

E-Z Wider™

The E-Z Wider™ allows caregivers to deliver safer bariatric care and assist in reducing length of stays by advancing recovery with patient dignity.

  • The only bariatric bed that offers full chair egress.
  • Enhance patient dignity regardless of size.
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The E-Z Wider™ is designed to enhance patient dignity regardless of size.

The only bariatric patient bed that offers full chair egress, the E-Z Wider™ supports patients up to 1,000lbs.

  • Safer bariatric
    patient care

    • Close Care™ technology
    • One touch X-Hale™ Chair position
    • Deliver safer care for patients up to 1000lbs
  • Helps improve
    clinical outcomes

    • Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy
    • One touch X-Hale™ Chair position
    • Accelerated offloading
    • Ultra low heel pressure
    • Direct surface airflow
    • Sit-to-stand egress
  • Streamline

    • Close Care™ technology
    • Turn assist
    • Max inflate
    • Ergonomic pivoting handrails
    • Optional motorized drive system

E-Z Wider™ Product Features

Nurse checking on a patient with a label stating step into the bed
Close up of a patient sat in the E-Z Wider chair
Ultra low heel pressures - Continuous movement of pressure points
Close up of the surface of the bed with a label stating direct surface airflow = 25L/min
Patient lied down on an E-Z Wider bed
Patient sat in an E-Z Wider bed
Nurse utilizing the E-Z Wider bed's turn assist feature with a patient
Empty E-Z Wider bed setup for patient transport

Bed Specifications

Maximum safe working load (SWL)
1,000 lbs.
Bed width, minimum overall
Bed width, fully expanded
Overall bed fixed length with footboard in
Overall bed length with (optional) foot length extension
Bed height (bed flat), floor to deck maximum
Bed height (bed flat), floor to deck minimum

Trusted by the nation’s leading critical care & trauma centers

  • How We Do It Better

    • Close Care™ expandable width technology.
    • Integrated CLRT mattress.
    • X-Hale™ Chair Position to facilitate the optimal respiratory flow.
    • Fastest accelerated offloading available on the market and is up to 10 times faster than traditional alternating pressure.
    • Direct surface airflow [25 l/min] to address moisture, heat, and maceration.
    • Sit-to-Stand Egress with ergonomic pivoting handrails. The E-Z Wider™ is the only bariatric bed that features a foot-end egress.
    • Auto Fowler Boost
    • 1000 lb weight capacity.
    • Turn Assist allows patients to be turned with ease.
    • Motorized Drive system.
    • Bed Exit Alarm with nurse call compatibility.
    Patient stood in front of an E-Z Wider bed