ECMO Patient

Immobilized Patient

Trauma Patient

“Patti, who was involved in a head-on car accident and is currently immobile due to multiple fractures. She was bedbound post-accident because she was ordered non weight bearing on her right leg, due to multiple broken bones elsewhere she was unable to use a walker or crutches and was left bed bound in initial days after the accident.

Physical therapists elevated her good leg on a wooden step to have her only putting weight on that leg allowing her to keep her good leg strong.

The Catalyst has proven to be a crucial tool in her rehabilitation, and she’s enthusiastic about its benefits.”

After 23 days in the hospital a patient is placed on The Catalyst™, 1.5 days later…

“A therapist recommended the Catalyst for this patient several weeks ago, but due to hospital delays in the ordering process, the patient’s condition further declined. This prevented him from being accepted into a skilled nursing facility, leaving the hospital to take care of him until he gets accepted to a SNF.

After 23 days at the hospital, he was finally placed on the Catalyst.

The below video was filmed just a day and a half after the patient was placed on the Catalyst. The visible improvement in his strength is undeniable.”

Ventilated ARDS Patient

“I was put on this special bed while I was in the ICU on a ventilator.  I have no memory of those days, but the nurses told me I was put on the ventilator to help me breath because I had something called ARDS.  I am here in the hospital after I had a fall and broke ribs and also fractured my wrist. I do not remember the events of the fall just remember waking up here several days later.  I have had several issues with my lungs in the past including pneumonia and also a pulmonary embolism.  The respiratory therapist here told me that because of my lung history and my newly broken ribs I wasn’t breathing adequately so I went into a respiratory failure and needed to be put on the ventilator. Now I am in the step-down unit, off the ventilator and out of the ICU.  I still require some oxygen thru my nose and my breathing still feels difficult at times.  I am using this standing bed and every time I stand I feel my breathing get easier and it seems to last for a few hours afterward.  I know I am still not out of the water yet and I know I’m at risk for developing another pneumonia due to my history but I feel this bed is helping my lungs recover.  I can feel it every time I get up in the bed.  Thank you for coming to the ICU and bringing your special bed to help me. I am very grateful!”

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