Catalyst Critical Recovery Bed

The Catalyst®

The Catalyst® offers mobilization therapy to complex patients by engaging the largest muscles in the body through weight bearing. With a push of a button, your staff can bring secured patients upright in the bed, progressively mobilizing patients early, frequently and safely.

The only bed in the world capable of verticalizing bariatric patients.

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Benefits of Verticalization

  • Helps improve
    clinical outcomes

    • Assist in reducing days on ventilator.
    • Helps diminish pressure on thoracic cavity.
    • Encourages venous return to the heart and helps prevent pooling of blood in legs.
  • Accelerates

    • Allows the gradual transfer of weight to feet and activates lower body and core muscles.
    • Improves patients’ overall strength and endurance.
  • Promotes arousal
    and awareness

    • Stimulates several sensorial pathways and postural reactions that improve level of arousal and awareness.
Catalyst bed in a horizontal position

Verticalization addresses the negative effects caused by immobility on a multi-organ level.

  • Respiratory system

    Respiratory System

    An upright position facilitates healthy expansion of the heart and lungs to optimize gas exchange and reduce diaphragm atrophy by allowing the diaphragm to drop.

  • Musculoskeletal system

    Musculoskeletal System

    Assists in reducing muscle atrophy that can contribute to falls, fracture and bone demineralization.

  • Integumentary system

    Integumentary System

    Aids in reducing risk for pressure injury resulting from pressure, shear/friction and moisture for immobility.

  • Digestive system

    Digestive System

    Movement in the digestive systems is encouraged to help reduce risk of bacterial infections that can result from an immobile fecal system.

  • Urinary system

    Urinary System

    Movement in the urinary systems helps reduce risk of bacterial infections and kidney stones that can develop.

  • Nervous system

    Nervous System

    Cerebral perfusion is supported, helping to improve overall cognitive function.

  • Cardiovascular system

    Cardiovascular System

    Fluid is redistributed back to the lower extremities from the thoracic cavity, improving cardiac workload and heart rate, helping to stabilize hemodynamics.

  • Lymphatic system

    Lymphatic System

    Movement helps lymph drainage as muscle activity helps move fluid into the lymphatic vessels.

CATALYST® Product Features

Patient being verticalized in a Catalyst bed
Close up of a patient sat in the E-Z Wider chair
Ultra low heel pressures - Continuous movement of pressure points
Close up of the surface of the bed with a label stating direct surface airflow = 25L/min
Patient lied down on an E-Z Wider bed
Nurse utilizing the E-Z Wider bed's turn assist feature with a patient

Bed Specifications – Standard

Maximum safe working load (SWL)
500 lbs.
Bed width, non-expanded maximum overall
Bed length, footboard retracted, maximum
Bed length, footboard extended, maximum
Bed height w/o accessories, minimum overall
Bed height (bed flat), floor to deck, maximum
Bed height (bed flat), floor to deck, minimum

Bed Specifications – Bariatric

Maximum safe working load (SWL)
1,000 lbs.
Bed width, non-expanded, minimum overall
Bed width, fully-expanded, maximum overall
Bed length, footboard retracted, maximum
Bed height w/o acceessories, minimum overall
Bed height (bed flat), floor to deck, maximum
Bed height (bed flat), floor to deck, minimum

How We Do It Better

A unique platform with integrated therapies to mobilize your patients early, often, and safely. The Catalyst® delivers safe, in-bed, Verticalization for patients up to 1000lbs.

  • Advanced Safety Features

    • Stationary Casters and Obstruction Sensors to prevent a crush hazard.
    • Mechanical Quick Release (CPR) on both sides of bed deflates mattress and returns bed to the flat position.
    • Brake and Siderail Safety Sensors VT is disabled if brake is not engaged or siderails are not in the full-up position.
    • Accurate weight in any position for safe medication dosing.
    • Safety Certification
    Diagram of the Catalyst's advanced safety features
  • Advanced Therapy Options

    • Fully Integrated Air Surface with Alternating Pressure + Low Air Loss
    • Fastest accelerated offloading available on the market up to 10 times faster than traditional alternating pressure technology
    • Direct surface air flow [25 l/min] to address moisture, heat, and maceration.
    • Rotation Therapy (CLRT) helps improve pulmonary function.
    • X-Hale ™ Chair w/ Lumbar Boost™ helps increase lung capacity and improve expiratory flow.
    • Downloadable Therapy Reporting
    • Turn Assist with Seat Deflate
    Patient verticalized in the Catalyst bed next to a nurse and a doctor

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